Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Commonly Asked Questions about Veterans and Attorneys

  • I’m interested in representation but don’t live near your location. Can you still represent me or do I need someone local to me?
    • We represent veterans all over the United States, in Puerto Rico, and even veterans who live abroad. All consultations are done over the phone or via email so there is no need for you to live near our location.
  • Can you help me file a claim?
    • Bergmann & Moore does not file initial claims, but offers free consultations once you receive a decision from VA. Please see VA’s How to Apply for assistance in initiating a claim for benefits.
  • I filed my claim but haven’t gotten a decision yet. Can you still help me?
    • We will be happy to answer any questions you may have while awaiting your VA decision. Once you receive your decision from VA, you may call us back for a free consultation.
  • I’m not sure if I appealed my last decision. How do I find out?
    • You can check your eBenefits account or call VA directly at 1-800-827-1000.
  • I missed my appeal deadline. Now what?
    • You can file to reopen your claim. You may find out more information about filing to reopen claims here.
  • Can you help me with a military discharge upgrade?
    • Bergmann & Moore does not handle military discharge upgrades. We are strictly a veterans’ benefits law firm.
  • I’m interested in hiring an attorney but not sure I can afford it. Can you still help me?
    • Yes. There are no upfront costs when working with Bergmann & Moore. We are only paid if we win your claim.
  • Do you represent veterans at DRO or BVA hearings?
    • If you are interested in potential representation for a hearing, please contact our firm for a consultation.
  • What are the benefits of working with your firm?
    • At Bergmann & Moore your case has personalized attention from attorneys who specialize in VA law. We have contacts at each VA Regional Office as well as at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals that allow us to closely monitor the status of your claim. We are committed to working on your claim until the maximum benefits have been won. 
  • I’m having difficulty getting VA healthcare. Can you help with that?
  • Do you take special monthly compensation cases?
    • Yes. Please contact us for a free consultation if you have been denied for special monthly compensation.
  • Can you help me with a legal matter not related to VA or benefits?
    • No. As stated above, we only handle VA disability compensation claims. If you need an attorney for a separate legal matter, you can contact your state bar association for referrals.


“I initiated a claim with the Veteran Administration in 1975 after receiving 10% service connection for my wrist injury and denied for PTSD. I engaged in the appeals process. I was denied so many times over the years I thought my name had been changed to denial…After 33 years of enduring and quite weary of the pursuit, an attorney agreed to represent me. Glenn Bergmann reviewed the history of my claim and untangled the knots. I received a 12-year retroactive benefit. Bergmann & Moore’s win for me was also a victory for generations of Veterans to come.”

L. Grimes

“I had a legitimate claim against the VA but was unable to gain recognition for my disabilities until I evened the playing field by hiring the law firm of Glenn Bergmann and Joseph Moore. Fight fire with fire. The VA has vast resources of legal representation. Therefore, it stands to reason that Veterans should obtain the same quality of counsel – even the playing field. I did and the results were favorable.”

M. Cosgrove

“I can’t thank you enough for taking my case and winning for me. I would recommend you to anyone who needs the best lawyer in the nation. You are such a nice person to talk to. Dealing with the VA is tough. They kept denying me. I’m so grateful for you. I still find it hard to believe.”

J. Barrett

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