Device Monitoring Gains Planned for 2011

VA has had more than its fair share of embarrassing information breaches in the last few years. For VA, 2011 hopes to see an expanded securitization into all activities on its network; including all personal computers as well as printers and other devices that are connected to the computers. VA plans to take measures to limit the number of unencrypted laptops as it continues to replace aging computers with more modern ones capable of supporting more advanced security applications.

A data scanning tool will enable the operators of VA’s network to monitor what is happening to computers and other electronic devices connected to the department’s network. This will include security compliance level monitoring, the status of hardware and software security patches, and full knowledge of the administrative division that is responsible for the device. Electronic visibility is intended to ensure that VA’s regulations are being observed and that unauthorized devices are not allowed a connection to VA’s network.

In addition to this, VA also plans improvements in information security, including the strengthening of passwords, as part of financial reporting that will also help protect Veterans’ information.

For more information, please visit: http://www.ihealthbeat.org/articles/2011/1/5/va-aims-to-boost-data-security-by-monitoring-activity-on-its-network.aspx

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