Dept of Labor funds Homeless Veterans program

The Jericho Project is one of the major national groups working to help homeless Veterans.

We’ve focused a lot recently on Veteran unemployment and homeless Veterans. So it gives us real pleasure to talk about government funded programs aimed at remedying both of those epidemics.  The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVR), the only federal program that focuses exclusively on helping employ homeless Veterans, has just awarded over $110,000 to the Jericho Project.  The Jericho Project is a national nonprofit that specialized in “enabling homeless individuals to acquire the skills and confidence to seek, get and keep jobs.”  Jericho Project will perform the work on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor, which funds the HVR Program.

Jericho’s Workforce Opportunities program hopes to enroll 60 Veterans in the program and find employment for at least 40 Veterans. Jericho has a career counselor dedicated to helping the Veterans acquire the education and/or training they need to pursue their career path. Jericho also searches for part-time and internship positions that may help Veterans gain confidence and begin a successful track record.  It’s not easy, but the program takes a customized approach, searching out each Veteran’s area of interest and encouraging them along the way.

We’re just glad to see the U.S. Department of Labor and The Jericho Project move the needle a little bit on what has been an otherwise unequal labor trend amongst Veterans these past few years.

Check out more on the Jerico Project funding here.

The Jericho Project

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