“Daily Show” Highlights VBA’s Claim Catastrophe

Comedian Jon Stewart Pokes Fun at VBA as Crisis Worsens for Veterans. 

From the news broadcasts to comedy shows, public awareness continues growing about the mounting claim delay and error crisis at the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), the agency within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) responsible for processing Veterans’ disability benefit claims.

On March 27, “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart aired his first comedy skit lambasting VBA for failing to provide prompt disability claim decisions.  And again, on April 4, Stewart broadcast a second segment, also poking fun at VBA’s inability to enter the modern age of computers.

March 27 Daily Show


April 4 Daily Show



The mounting media firestorm continues, with Bergmann & Moore highlighting significant shortcomings at VBA.

“Veterans are justifiably frustrated at the deteriorating claims crisis, especially the lack of planning to fix it,” Paul Sullivan, a longtime Veterans’ advocate and director of veteran outreach at Bergmann & Moore, a law firm that focuses solely on Veteran disability issues….”

Please continue visiting our blog for the latest information about VBA’s delay and error crisis.  Currently, nearly 900,000 Veterans wait an average of nine months for a VBA claim decision, with a VBA error rate between 14 and 30 percent.  An additional 250,000 veterans wait an average of four more years for a decision from the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (Board) in Washington, where 74 percent of claims are either granted by the Board or returned to VBA for additional work.

Let’s hope Stewart continues his comedy skits about VBA until there are no veterans waiting more than four months, especially no veterans dying while waiting.

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  1. Awilda Nellie Torres via Facebook

    It is so obvious the rate of mistakes they are doing I got a female denied disability for Major depression, anxiety and Menstrual disorder she is a Gulf War Vet victim of MST they told her because she did not have any signs of her illness within one year after leaving the Army she did not qualify. In 2010 she was denied again especially her depression when SS Administration had done an evaluation and found her to be totally disable due to her depression, they did not take into consideration SS evidence.

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