Can Veterans Help Recruitment?

The United States military is struggling to get recruits for our armed forces

The last time the US military had a draft was for the Vietnam War. The draft ended in 1973, and since then, the military has used an all-volunteer method. Many eligible citizens seek to join the military. But, many are disqualified, get talked out of joining, and go to college instead.

Who is eligible to join the military? 

– Age: Between 17 – 35 years old.

– Medically, physically fit, and in good moral standing.

– United States Citizen or permanent resident with a valid Green Card.

– A high school graduate or equivalent.

– Pass the placement exam.

The Department of Defense has a long list of disqualifiers that prevent many individuals from joining. But these disqualifiers are put in place to protect potential recruits. However, it has been argued that some disqualifiers should be re-evaluated to allow more individuals to join.

Unfortunately, the majority of the 17 – 35 year old demographic in past years are not eligible due to obesity, drug use, or a criminal record.

Why aren’t young men and women joining the military?

The previous generation of young men and women had parents who had served in the military, but only 13% of parents have served in todays generation, down from 40% from 1995. Statistics have shown that generations with parents in the military were more likely to join as well. 

The best outlet to reach Millennials and Generation Z is through social media. Millennials range from 1981-1996, 41 – 26 years old, there was no draft during this time, but the older generation saw the Gulf War and the War on Terror. This generation saw the need for military aid and jumped at the chance to serve our country.

However, Generation Z ranges from 1997 – 2012; these individuals are now 10-25 years old and are the prime individuals we need interested in serving our country. And a large percentage of this generation is misinformed about the military. 

How to fix the issue

Review all disqualifiers for service; for example, ADHD could disqualify someone from serving if the recruit had symptoms after their 14th birthday. This disqualifier is under review whether individuals who have been asymptomatic for a shorter period of time could join without a waiver. 

The Army is offering 2-year enlistment options, up to $50,000 in enlistment bonuses, and up to $40,000 in quick ship bonuses. Offering more money to enlist will only go so far. 

How can Veterans Help?

All Veterans have unique experiences while in service; 80% have indicated that they would recommend military service to someone they know. An eligible individual interested in the military would need to hear an honest review from a Veteran. Being able to ask a Veteran any question and hearing what they have to say could inspire a lot to be proud and excited to serve our country. 

Veterans seeking a job out of service would fit perfectly in this recruitment role. Making the younger generation aware of what the military has to offer is critical. These generations grew up seeing the effects of war through movies. We need to clarify that there is more to the military than combat. Service members and Veterans are treated with respect and as a patriot of our country.

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