California Follows Texas Model and Hires Staff to Process Veterans’ Claims at VA

Bergmann & Moore in the News.

In a bit of historical irony, when it comes to disabled Veterans and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), two state governments are now bailing out the Federal government.

Last year the Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) created a “Strike Force” to assist with developing evidence for Veterans’ disability claims filed against VA. Texas Governor Rick Perry took action after dozens of news reports about serious delays longer than one year at VA’s offices in Waco and Houston.

Congress was so interested in this novel approach to VA’s chronic claim delay and error crisis that the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee held a hearing extolling the Texas initiative in September 2012.

Last month the TVC model was adopted by the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CALVET). California Governor Jerry Brown followed the TVC “Strike Force” model and hired new staff to help Veterans who need benefits after widespread reports about chronic delays. California shares the inglorious distinction alongside Texas with some of VA’s worst performing regional offices in Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Joseph R. Moore, a partner at Bergmann & Moore, was quoted by Army Times supporting the measures taken by TVC and CALVET.

“VA truly needs the assistance because the average time for VA to complete a claim is longer than one year and VA makes mistakes in 30 percent of high-risk claims,” Moore said.

The supplemental state employees being added in California and Texas “should help thousands of our most vulnerable veterans, such as those with new claims, claims on appeal, or claims for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, or individual unemployability,” said Moore.

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