Burn Pit Vet’s Widower: Memos Show that Illness Didn’t Need to Happen

November 4, 2018, Military.com, Perry Chiaramonte


It was in 2009 when Brian Muller first met his wife, Amie.  “We actually met at a music venue. And at the time I was playing music in a band and she had some friends there that were at the event,” Muller, 45, from Woodbury, Minn., recalls in a recent interview with Fox News. “Her friends forced her to go out. I forced myself to go out and just to see some music.”  He remembers how they discussed her service with the Minnesota Air National Guard.


To read the full article, see: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/11/04/burn-pit-vets-widower-memos-show-illness-didnt-need-happen.html 

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