B&M Advocacy in the News on VA’s Mishandling of PTSD / MST Claims

Lawmakers, advocates call for change after VA mishandled military sexual trauma claims


August 28, 2018, Stars and Stripes, Nikki Wentling


WASHINGTON — Some lawmakers and veteran advocates are calling for more change to how the Department of Veterans Affairs handles claims of sexual trauma in the military after it was discovered the agency denied benefits to hundreds of veterans without due diligence.


… Glenn Bergmann, an attorney and partner at Bergmann & Moore, issued a statement following the IG report … “Veterans and veteran advocates are outraged that VA will only review one year of claims mishandled by VA.  The fair and responsible remedy is for VA to review all of the approximately 40,000 potential PTSD/military sexual trauma claim denials since VA adopted a new policy in 2011” ….


To read the entire article, go to: https://www.stripes.com/news/lawmakers-advocates-call-for-change-after-va-mishandled-military-sexual-trauma-claims-1.544677 

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