Bergmann & Moore’s New Op-Ed Shines Light on VA’s Claim Appeal Crisis

“VA Also Not Telling the Truth About Veteran Disability Claims.”  

Flooding America’s national news cycle for the past two months are hundreds of tragic news articles describing how Veterans are dying while waiting to receive medical care from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The agency was caught red-handed cooking the books to conceal the nightmare, and VA remains under intense scrutiny by Congress and journalists.

Sadly, those of us who work with Veterans and their families know that VA’s problems go well beyond timely access to VA healthcare.  VA’s infamous claim backlog is getting worse, not better.  According to a newly published op-ed by Bergmann & Moore partners Glenn Bergmann and Joe Moore, VA is also misleading America, our Veterans, Congress, and reporters about VA’s serious and significant disability claims crisis.

Specifically, the situation is most acute for our 275,000 Veterans and their families waiting four to five years for VA to respond to an appealed claim.  These are our Veterans waiting the longest for VA benefits, often with multiple, serious medical conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, or disabilities associated with exposure to Agent Orange.

Beyond VA’s chronic errors and endless delays, Bergmann & Moore’s new op-ed describes how VA wants to completely change how VA operates by publishing proposed regulations that would establish major barriers to filing claims and appealing VA claim decisions.  Yes, VA’s systemic problems are getting worse, not better.

Managed by former VA attorneys, Bergmann & Moore is a national law firm that has helped thousands of Veterans and families obtain the VA disability benefits they earned.  Call us if you are unemployed due to your military service or have lost a loved one due to a service-related disease or injury.

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