Bergmann & Moore in the News

Washington Examiner Reports on Escalating VA Claim Appeal Backlog.  

As Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) myopically focus on the good news about reductions in the backlog of new and reopened claims, a more troubling backlog continues rising sharply: disability benefit claim appeals.

Leading the way by providing aggressive representation for Veterans and families, Bergmann & Moore partner Joe Moore was quoted by the Washington Examiner on the vexing issue of the appeal backlog:

     “In the past few years, we have seen a transfer of resources by VA from appeals to original claims just to make the higher-ups look good to Congress.”

Is VA playing a numbers game to appease Congress and misdirect reporters?  Sure looks that way.  Fortunately for Veterans, ace investigative reporter Mark Flatten is on the case, reporting that our Veterans wait years longer when VA makes errors, thereby prompting appeals.

Veterans Day Views from Inside the Beltway

Here’s a rare glimpse of what Washington thinks about our Veterans, as provided by the Washington Times in a special Veterans Day section.

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