Bergmann & Moore in National Media Spotlight

Several major news articles about VA’s claim appeal challenges.

For several years now, the claim delay and error crisis at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) remains a high priority for investigative journalists.   Four major news stories appeared in the last few days.

For example, Jamie Reno, an reporter with Veteran Journalwrote about the controversial new rules VA wants to impose on disabled veterans who file claims.

In his story, Reno cited Bergmann & Moore (B&M) partner Glenn Bergmann’s written response to the VA in which Bergmann urges the agency to withdraw its proposal which would require veterans to use a standard form when they file for disability compensation or appeal a decision.

The Associated Press cited B&M in its coverage of VA’s proposal, quoting the law firm as saying that the proposal is “the most serious, egregious attack on a veteran-friendly disability claim system in VA history.”

B&M was also featured last week on Federal News Radio, which is heard throughout the Greater Metropolitan Washington DC area.  In the radio interview, B&M’s Paul Sullivan said VA’s proposal undermines Veterans’ rights and could block as many as half a million claims and appeals annually.

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