Army Aware of Tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery Stream

The Washington Post has followed up on its previous report of discarded tombstones along the banks of a stream in Arlington National Cemetery.  Originally, the new management team told the newspaper that it was unaware of the tombstones until recently alerted by the newspaper and that it would crush and recycle the tombstones as soon as possible, in accordance with a 1994 policy on the disposal of tombstones.  However, Army officials have now stated that they were aware of the tombstones for over a decade, that they had been placed to support the river bank, and that they were not removed for fear of causing damage to the stream.  Officials from the Army Corps of Engineers have indicated that their reports from 1997 and 2009 noted that the headstones were in the streambed.  Some of the headstones have already been removed from the stream, but others will take longer due to environmental concerns.

For more information, see:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/06/22/AR2010062205395_2.html?sid=ST2010062205733.

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