American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Benefits VA Projects

In the wake of recent Federal budget cuts, it is uplifting to find that Congress’s previous legislative actions, namely the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, are having a positive effect on the VA.  VA has received $1.3 billion in Recovery Act funds since February 2009, and has used the money for various infrastructure projects, with the ultimate goal of serving Veterans more efficiently.

In addition to improving national cemeteries and allocating money to states for Veterans homes, the Recovery Act is funding many construction and modernization projects at VA medical centers nationwide.  Improving VA medical centers will ultimately improve the comfort and care Veterans receive.  Additionally, VA is building a number of brand new medical centers and clinics, as well as expanding on existing ones, which will enhance the medical centers’ ability to provide better care for even more Veterans.

The funds are also being used to make many VA buildings, including the medical centers, more energy efficient.  Investing in energy efficient improvements for VA buildings will result in even more benefits to the VA.  By meeting environmental goals, the VA will receive more money to invest in the improvement of more buildings and other infrastructure.


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