Admiral Mullen Challenges Businesses to Hire More Veterans

Admiral Mike Mullen made a point to challenge businesses today to hire more veterans to help stem the growing issue of veteran homelessness and unemployment.

Mullen, the chairman of President Barack Obama’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, is not known for occupying the spotlight but did make a rare public appearance at a lunch held at the Detroit Economic Club. His talk centered on the needs of the unemployed and homeless veterans returning from combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition to encouraging businesses to consider hiring more veterans, Mullen took questions from the audience on everything from our national debt to our policy in dealing with Iran.

“The biggest threat to our nation’s security is our debt,” Mullen said, noting that the U.S. federal government will pay roughly $600 billion in interest on its debt next year. His commentary on the national debt comes at an interesting time for the White House. The president is undoubtedly desirous of Congressional Democrats being able to walk the fine line between putting money behind programs to stimulate the slowed economy and being able to effectively respond to concerns from fiscal conservatives worried about our nation’s mounting deficit.

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