Traumatic Brain Injuries

If a veteran sustains a head injury or full body injury during their military service, there may be longstanding effects known as residuals of a traumatic brain injury. Many veterans are unaware that they’ve even sustained a TBI because they didn’t lose consciousness during the event. Anything from a mild concussion to being thrown in an explosion may constitute a TBI.


VA’s webpage for polytrauma and TBIs cites the following symptoms as possible signs of a TBI:


“… physical changes, changes in the person’s behavior, or problems with their thinking skills. After an injury, a number of symptoms might be noted including headaches, dizziness/problems walking, fatigue, irritability, memory problems and problems paying attention.”

Often times the symptoms of TBI and psychiatric conditions overlap, making it difficult to get a TBI claim granted. Due to the severity of traumatic brain injuries, it may be possible for a veteran to receive additional monetary benefits from the VA. At Bergmann & Moore we understand the intricacy of these claims and can work to get you the benefits you deserve.


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