Dependency and Indemnity Claims

In the event a veteran passes away, their surviving family members may be entitled to benefits from the VA. Most commonly, this would be the Veteran’s surviving spouse. In order to qualify for DIC benefits, the surviving spouse must show that the Veteran died from a condition or illness related to the veteran’s military service. In some cases, veterans may have already been service connected for the condition that caused their death. In other cases, the surviving spouse is required to prove that the cause of death, if not already service-connected, was due to the veteran’s service. You can find more information about the eligibility requirements for DIC here.

Bergmann & Moore is dedicated to helping surviving spouses win benefits from VA. Click here to read about how Bergmann & Moore has been successful in winning cases where a Veteran died due to an Agent Orange related condition that is not on VA’s presumptive list. 


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